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Common Questions

What is an online poker casino?

An online poker casino is an Internet site where you can play poker or other casino type games, such as blackjack, for real money. A few casinos allow you to play for free but you can also play for real omeny just like at Las Vagas.

There are three types of online poker casinos:

1. You need to download a free program. These are the easiest to play and also the most exciting because of their terrific graphics, but note that this requires hard disk allocation. If your PC is relatively new, this shouldn’t bother you.
2. One that uses Java. These java applets run through your explorer browser.
3. Using HTML these don’t require any downloads. Though these don’t offer animations and sound, their graphics are excellent and the gameplay is fast.

What is online poker?

Online poker means that you bet on a casino-type sport like poker through the internet.

Where are poker casinos located?

All poker casinos are located outside the U.S. Antigua, Curacao, St. Kitts, Grenada, Dominican Republican, Gibraltar, Cook Islands are just a few countries that license online poker casinos. But note that most of these companies are actually operated from America. These small countries allow Online Gambling operators to set up to boost their economy.

How do I begin playing poker online?

Check various online poker casinos before deciding where to play. Look closely at the minimum requirements and deposit requirements. Usually, most online poker casinos allow you to play for free. This isn’t a bad idea. To play online poker, you will need to sign up. Generally you will have to fill out an online form. Write down your username and password at another location as well so as to remember it. Beware that if you forget them you will have lost all the money you deposited into your online poker account. This is true especially where your name and address isn’t required. To play you must deposit cash into your online poker or gambling account.

How do I deposit or withdraw cash to play at a poker casino?

Deposit money to begin playing online poker. You could do this either by credit card or by money transfers via Moneygram, Western Union, cashiers checks, money orders or wire transfers. Personal checks can be used only if the online poker casino approves of it before hand. But you won’t be able to play until your check has been deposited. Your account is operated by the casinos in a simple add and subtract algorithm. If you win your account is credited and if you lose at poker they debit that money. Whenever you wish to cash out your money you can do it using any of the cash methods mentioned above. Many poker and gambling sites permit the withdrawing of cash directly into your credit card. I recommend you do this provided they charge you reasonable fees for it.

Are online poker casinos fair?

Online Poker Casinos are fairer than you may realize. They earn enough with the normal profits of online poker gambling. In addition, in many countries, the computer programs must be submitted to the government for thorough checking of fairness toward the player, and the firm also has to be guaranteed by one of the big eight international accounting firms. In any case the odds are the same as at land casinos for blackjack, baccarat or roulette. But when it comes to machine games like (slots, video poker etc) since the casino decides the advantage, online casinos pay you more.

Are online poker casinos safe?

Up to today, there have almost no problems with casino payouts and deposit security. In addition, most of the online casinos are insured as part of their license requirements to ensure that they have the money to pay you. Under these laws all your personal information (credit card details and other personal information) is also guaranteed. Most online casinos use secure servers to conduct their transactions, and all information about you is held offline. Many also take out insurance against fraud. So rest assured the chances of you being duped are slim.

Are frequent online poker winners bared from online casinos?

Why would online casino ban poker players? They are well aware that the odds are always on their side thus the more frequent winners play online poker the more the chances are that this frequent loser will lose it. But if you take cash bonus offers and never stay long enough to lose it, online poker sites are likely to stop giving you these cash bonuses.

How do I get help online?

Most online poker casinos offer toll-free telephone support 24 hours a day. Other customer support options include chats, local phone numbers, fax lines and, lastly, email. To check whether these services are readily available, try them out before playing.

What do I do if I run into problems with online poker casinos?

Usually online poker and gambling casinos strive to solve their customer’s problems as swiftly as they can because they are well aware that they rely on their customers for their business. But if you think they haven’t given you a satisfactory answer, contact the Interactive Gaming Council. Note that this will help only if the specific casino is a member of the IGC.