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Protect Your Home Game from Poker Cheats

“Though I should have preferred to spare you the reading of this…we had better face the facts about playing Poker for money. The best protection against Poker cheats is the knowledge of how they operate and some ability at recognizing their slick sleight of hand and other crooked ruses.” ~ John Scarne, Guide to Modern…

A Brief, Remarkable History of Poker

How much do you know about our favorite game? I’m going to tell you all you never knew that you wanted to know about the sport that is sweeping the nation, indeed the world. Jonathan H. Green made one of the earliest written references to “poker” in 1834. Although poker has always been considered a…

Down Early – Sit & Go Poker Tip #2

If you are ever in the situation of being short-stacked early from a bad beat or beats or just pure stupidity, don’t panic. The biggest mistake I see in beginner poker players is pushing the pile too soon. For instance, if the starting chip amount is 800 and blinds 10/20, and you take a bad…