Deuce Grinder is a guy who loves to play poker.

He craves the action and plays almost any hand, even a pair of deuces, with enthusiasm.

Of course Deuce is a liberal contributor to the pot and a welcome player at any table.

He began playing dealer’s choice poker with friends in high school on Friday nights (he couldn’t get a date!) and continues to play kitchen table games with friends.

Two years ago, Deuce began watching televised Texas Hold’em tournaments and got hooked.

“How hard can this be?” he thought.

He signed up on several of the on-line poker sites and began with free games.

As his confidence grew, he progressed to higher (but still small) stakes games.

He’s read many of the books by the newly minted poker celebrities and strives mightily to improve his game.

He has not taken the next step of playing “live” casino poker but intends to give it a go as soon as he works up the fortitude and a big enough bankroll.

Let’s get real.

Deuce Grinder is just a fictitious character we created.

This site is put together and maintained by a few online poker enthusiasts.