Poker Beginners Guide

This is the most complete and user friendly beginners guide available on the internet. It requires no previous poker knowledge and will take you to a level where you can sit down at a poker table and become a mobster!

Master the Game of Poker

Whether you like to play poker online for fun, or want to wipe the floor with your buddies at your regular poker night, this free online course from MIT can help you learn the game inside and out.

Poker Hand Rankings

In this course you’re going to learn the first and most important step about how to play poker by learning the all important poker hand rankings.

Crush Micro Stakes Online Poker

Learn to Master Online Micro Stakes 6-Max and Full Ring No Limit Hold’em Poker Games!

Poker Theory and Analytics

This course takes a broad-based look at poker theory and applications of poker analytics to investment management and trading.


heck out these strategies and courses, brought to you by two of the world’s
best poker players, that will take your own poker skills to the next level.

Open Culture

MIT’s Introduction to Poker Theory.


DeucesCracked helps poker players become unstoppable.