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Ace Speaks Online 04: Making the transition from live to online

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I analyzed some of the necessary adjustments for those who are used to playing online, and who now also want to become successful playing live. Today, I will discuss those who move into the opposite direction, the people who have quite a bit of experience in brick and mortar cardrooms, and who now want this […]

The ‘Other’ Games of Poker: 5 Card Draw

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Whether it was at your Grandma’s kitchen table, in your neighbor’s smoky, beer-drenched basement, or behind the bleachers at St. Patrick Junior High School, 5 card draw was the first poker game most of us learned to play. Back when Chris Moneymaker and Daniel Negreanu were still in diapers, draw poker was the game du […]

Fun Home Poker Game Rules – Guts

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I played a lot of poker in high school. That was back in the mid-1970s. Poker for high school students wasn’t like it is today. There was no Internet, no televised poker tournaments, and surely no legal poker rooms in New York where I grew up. For high school kids especially, poker was strictly an […]

‘Little Blue Book’ Solid Follow Up For Phil Gordon

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Far beyond his already poker playing abilities, poker champion Phil Gordon has become one of the best poker teachers around. From his initial poker opus, “Poker: The Real Deal” to his “Little Green Book” (and the addition of his Expert Insight DVD “Final Table Poker”), Gordon has been able to rapidly accelerate the learning curve […]

Why You Lose at Poker

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They say in physics that each action has an equal and opposite reaction. The same is true in poker – for every dollar won, there must be a dollar lost (rake notwithstanding). I’m no physicist, but I am a poker player. As a poker player, I read books. Pretty much every book on poker I […]

The ‘Other’ Games of Poker: Pineapple

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Throw the structure of hold’em and the volatility of Omaha into a blender and you’ll end up with a cool, refreshing game of pineapple. With more action, bigger pots and even more thrilling suckouts, this flop game with the silly name might look a lot like your regular limit hold’em game with its button and […]