If you are ever in the situation of being short-stacked early from a bad beat or beats or just pure stupidity, don’t panic.

The biggest mistake I see in beginner poker players is pushing the pile too soon.

For instance, if the starting chip amount is 800 and blinds 10/20, and you take a bad beat early and get down to 200, too many people give up.

Two reasons most players just give up and push is because of the tilt factor and the fact that they think 200 isn’t enough to last.

200 chips are enough to last through several rounds of blinds.

Make sure during this point in the game you only play premium hands, unless in position or there is minimal entrants into the pot.

The only reason you should push in the following hands after the bad beat is if you pick up a really nice hand (AA KK QQ) and believe that you can fool your opponents to thinking you are on tilt.

If not, then you get a round of blinds.

Then, if you double up, it gives you a lot of time to pick another good hand.

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